Darts Tournament: Catford Thundercats Vs Flighty Frogs of Istead Rise


On 3 December, the Catford Thundercats played its last first-round away match against the Flighty Frogs of Istead Rise. Caroline got the winning double 2 for the Thundercats in the first game. The Flighty Frogs threw a winning bull’s-eye to take the second game. The final game came down to double 1 and the 5-minute rule was imposed. Neither team could get the double and the captains had to throw nearest bull to win the match. Unfortunately for the Thundercats, the Flighty Frogs threw nearest to the bull and took the match 2–1. A big thank you to the Flighty Frogs of Istead Rise for being great hosts, making an enjoyable evening and putting on a good spread.