The Capital Ring – Stage 2: Falconwood to Grove Park


On 1 December, undeterred by the weather, the ‘Fearless Four’ set off from Falconwood Station in the rain. Once again, we took a selfie before we started the walk. Still not grasping exactly how it can be done, Tom from Southeastern Trains rescued us and took a picture. Thanks Tom! 

Early on in the walk Kay and Audrey tested the anti-climb paint on the bridge over the A2 and can attest it works! We walked past the old water-supply system to Eltham Palace and continued on to Mottingham, walking past farmland, parks and playing fields, meeting the odd horse and donkey along the way. Ever-ready Ursula, armed with secateurs, started collecting Christmas decorations. We finished our 4-mile walk at Grove Park by the Quaggy River.