The Capital Ring – Stage 10: South Kenton To Hendon Park


With clear blue skies and bright warm sunshine, six of us set off from South Kenton station on 15 February, heading towards Preston Park. Brent council must like their residents fit, as we come across a well-equipped fitness area. Always willing to have a go, Alison tried the space walker, Elaine went on the skier and Kay had a go at the rowing machine. However, Cam and Ursula took the opportunity for a sit down! It was good to see a small group of local women using the equipment, apparently on a regular basis, go girls! Shortly after, we entered Fryent Country Park and found the going a little boggy and muddy. We walked to the summit of Gotford’s Hill (known locally by the kids as ‘Telly Tubby Hill’) and discovered great views out over London. We walked on to Welsh Harp Reservoir and detoured ever so slightly to the local garden centre, where we took a welcome break and enjoyed a hot drink and a bite to eat. Weary, but refreshed, we continued our walk to West Hendon and onto Hendon Central Station, where the 6-mile route finished.