Job for January



purple flowersPruning Wisteria

 Wisteria needs to be pruned in January and in August for a great display of flowers in early summer
 Pruning in summer mainly controls the plant’s size, while winter pruning is essential to encourage the short,  flowering spurs. Here’s a guide on how to do it:

1: It is easier to see shape of your wisteria without leaves. Identify the main framework stems so you can prune the sideshoots that come off them.

2: Cut back all sideshoots to 2-3 buds from the main stems, cutting just above a bud with a cut sloping in the same direction as the bud to prevent rain damaging the wound.

3: At the same time, check ties are OK and aren’t cutting too tightly into the stems and re-tie in any stems that need it.